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The Officail Distributor for GOBX & Peacock Flask In Saudi Arabia

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Privecy Policy

In the privacy policy, we explain to the user and visitor to our website the method of dealing with and all the exchanged data it includes and how to deal with it on our part.
When you browse or purchase from the website, we are committed to protecting your personal data. When purchasing from the site, this is considered your acceptance of all policies, terms and conditions of the site, including payment, warranty, and return policies. Our site also collects your information, such as names, phone number, address, and site browsing history, which is accepted and agreed upon by you when you visit the site or when you purchase from the site. The data will be used within the website only to improve the service, provide commercial offers, and facilitate communication with customers if they wish to do so.
This data is referred to in the event of any subsequent claims by customers or visitors to reveal any circumstances that may have occurred during the purchase process or what follows, such as payment and supply.
All customer information that we collect will remain only within the scope of the site information and will not be shared with any other party or sold for any purpose, whether commercial or marketing. It will not be shared with any sister companies or collaborators under any clause of the agreements concluded or any other legal means that allow the disclosure of this information.
By using one of our services, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy, unless otherwise stated in the privacy policy. Therefore, we advise you to visit the privacy policy page regularly.


Collection and use of information:

When you visit anonymously or anonymously, we do not collect any data about any visitor. It begins collecting information about customers who purchase from the site, which includes, but is not limited to: full name, mobile phone number, email, and detailed address as stipulated by legal authorities to ensure safe delivery services.
When purchasing with bank cards such as mada cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards, here we confirm that the website does not store any data, numbers, or information about these cards, whether the name of the holder, its expiration date, or the password.
Payment on the website is through the Paytap payment gateway or any other payment gateway that the site deems appropriate for the work and functioning of the site. The privacy policy of payment gateways may require keeping bank card information, so please review the privacy policy of the approved payment gateway.


Your browsing (log data):

In order to improve the quality provided to you and seek to develop it, we need to know some information, which may include the browser type, version, IP number of your device, protocol address number, what pages you visited, how long you spent on those pages, and other statistics. To ensure that we obtain this information, we may use third-party technologies known as Google Analytics, which are used to monitor the site and its activity and provide the necessary statistics on the site. All this is just to improve our services. As you know, the third party has a privacy policy, which we recommend reviewing.



Cookies are small files that the site or service provider sends to your device through your browser (if you allow it) to allow the sites or service providers to recognize your browser and retain some information and store it in your device’s storage unit. This is not considered a form of spying on devices, but only viewing It displays your most recently viewed content and displays content that matches your behavior. Through this file, we benefit from collecting some information (for example, but not limited to). We use cookies to help us remember and process the products in your shopping cart, understand and save your settings for future visits, and collect general data about traffic and interaction on the site, so that we can Provide a better experience and tools upon future visits to the site. We may contact third-party service providers to help us better understand our site visitors. These providers can only use the information we collect to help us improve and manage our business. By agreeing to use our site, you agree to our site’s privacy policy. As you know, you can prevent your browser from receiving these files by choosing the appropriate settings for your browser, but unfortunately you will not be able to benefit from the full functionality of the site.


Information security and data protection:

It is our responsibility to protect personal information with all available technology and commercially acceptable means. We apply a different set of protection measures to ensure the security of your personal information when you make a request, or when you enter your personal information and when you try to access it. We do this using secure servers, and we use a protocol technology that applies secure ports (SSL) to transfer all sensitive and credit information and then encrypt it in our payment gateway database, where only those who have the authority and special rights to access this base in the payment gateway system can access it. Based on what was mentioned, the customer is the first person responsible for protecting his account and personal device, and all types of transactions conducted through his account on the site or any other accounts on his computer or mobile phone. We at are not responsible for anyone failing to protect their personal account or computer. Therefore, we would like to note that if suspicious transactions are found in your account, please contact us directly via On your account page, you will find the details of your orders. We store them in your personal account for security reasons. You can also access this information by logging into your account. On the website, you can view details of your various types of requests, your home address, and your subscription to the newsletter. As a customer of, you undertake to save your personal data and not make it available to any third party. We at do not bear any responsibility if the password for your personal account is leaked. Also, no one working in our company group and on the website can see your password and your information because it is encrypted. Therefore, requesting the website and management to inform you about this data is not possible because we cannot read it.


Information retention time: has the full right to retain customer information for the period required by the nature of the work. has the right to permanently delete this data within the site’s own policy, and does not bear any legal responsibility for the deletion of the data.


What rights you have over the information we hold:

You have every right to claim it as long as it belongs to the person registered on the site, with proof that he is the person who owns it according to the site’s user identification policy. No customer of ours or registered on our site has the right to request access to the private data of other customers, whatever the reason and under any circumstances.
Data may be disclosed to judicial authorities through an official memorandum as required by the public interest of applicable laws.


Offers and contacts:

Your use of our website services stipulates your consent to receive our electronic messages in all their forms through email, periodic bulletins and alerts announced on the website and application. Based on the above, you implicitly agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are legally binding and treated as written transactions. If you wish not to receive these messages, do not hesitate to report them through one of our available channels or follow the steps mentioned at the end of each message.
Any phone call, email or other form of electronic communication with the customer will be recorded and archived; This is to verify the suggestions and comments directed to us with the aim of developing and improving the type of service provided.
The customer’s evaluation of our products and services entitles to have full rights and powers to republish it on the site or in marketing media without the customer’s consent. Also, reviews that misrepresent the truth about the product and are contrary to reality, the site has the right to delete them and not publish them without consulting the reviewer. Including words that are outside the context of literature and that do not suit the general taste in communication or expression of ideas.
The site will delete all comments and evaluations that have political content or any content that is not related to the site and its products.


Third party links:

It may happen that we may place links to products or services of third parties or advertise them on our website. These third parties have their own websites with separate and independent privacy policies, so we do not bear any responsibility or legal liability for the contents or activities of these linked websites. However, we seek to protect the integrity of our website and welcome any information about these sites or links from to other sites.


Pictures, videos and data on the site (media):

We confirm that all information, whether visual, such as photos, videos, or written, is owned exclusively by Therefore, using this information and media commercially and without prior approval may expose the user to legal procedures and fines for violating the site’s proprietary rights.
Any personal use of this information, provided that it is not related to a commercial transaction, is acceptable to us.


Update the privacy policy on the site:

It is normal for this policy to be updated whenever the need arises, and we will certainly notify you about this change so that you do not forget to review it again.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us through any of the ways to contact us.