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The Officail Distributor for GOBX & Peacock Flask In Saudi Arabia

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Warranty and Product Care Policy:

All products on are subject to warranty. This is to preserve the rights of the buyer, in addition to our knowledge of the quality of the products and what defects appear until developing these products. The products sold on fall into two categories:

1- Products that are imported and distributed in the Kingdom by us, as we are the distributing agents for them: these are Peacock Flasks, GOBX devices, and wooden candlesticks. Any other product imported and distributed by us will be added to the warranty policy.

2- Products sold on our website for the benefit of other distributors in the Kingdom, and they are subject to the distributor’s warranty in the Kingdom. The consumer must contact the distributor in the Kingdom for the warranty period and after-sales service. We will provide any customer with sufficient information about the agent in the Kingdom upon request.

In both types of products, the customer must keep a record of the purchase (invoice or proof of purchase), which shows the date of purchase of the product. If the invoice or proof of purchase is lost, the warranty on the product may be voided. Don’t worry !!!! Your purchases from the have all sufficient records to return proof of purchase to the customer (provided that the customer is registered with us) and we are ready to provide him with a copy of proof in the event of its loss. The customer can also view it through his account on the

We kindly advise you to keep the packaging materials and carton for the item for a period of no less than 15 days until you are sure that the item is working well. This will make it easier for you to return the item if it is not within specifications or has any manufacturing defect.

Please read and follow the Warranty and Product Care Policy carefully. If the following procedures are proven not to be followed, the warranty on the product will be voided.

Warranty Policy on Peacock Flask:

Peacock Flask are subject to a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty on the product is voided in the following or similar cases:

– Using the product for purposes other than what it was designed for. If the thermos is used to store chemicals or substances that can interact with the surrounding environment. The product is intended for storing hot and cold drinks only.

– Putting soft drinks inside the flask (Like gases beverage) : The flask is not intended to put soft drinks inside.

– Damage during shipping: Do not transport the flask in suitcases when travelling by plane while it is filled with drinks. Flasks are subject to damage as a result of differences in atmospheric pressure. Only use the flask inside the plane cabin.

– Cleaning in the dishwasher: Do not put the flask in the dishwasher. Chemicals used in dishwashers cause damage to the flasks.

– Falling from high heights: Do not expose the flask to falling from high distances, as the inner glass container may break.

– Using inappropriate cleaning methods: Do not use metal cleaning tools (such as metal brushes or metal fibers) to clean the flask from the outside. This exposes the outer body of the flask to scratches and distorts the look of the flask.

– Tampering with the flask and the inner glass container: Do not open the flask (from the base) and tamper with the inner glass container. Moving the inner glass container and not returning it securely to its correct location may expose the inner glass container to breakage.


Warranty policy on GOBX devices:

The GOBX device is subject to a warranty for a period of two years and the remote control for a period of six months. The warranty on the product is voided in the following cases:

1- Using the product for purposes other than for which it was manufactured. Please see the attached instruction booklet on how to use and store the device.

2- Connect the device to an electrical source that is not compatible with the nature of the device in terms of voltage or current frequency.

3- Do not operate the device in outdoor areas: The device is not intended for use outside the home or place. Air humidity and dust may expose the device to damage.

4- Opening the device and tampering with it by a technician: In the event that the device was tampered with and it was opened by any other technician. Beware: opening the device from the inside may expose you to electric shock.

5- Falling from high heights: If the device or remote control is dropped from a high place, it may cause internal malfunction, so protect it from tampering and falling. Place the device in a stable place that is not tilted and does not move.

6- Use batteries other than those prescribed for the remote control. Using inappropriate batteries for the remote control may damage it. Replace all batteries in the remote control if the old ones are dead.

7- Using connections and other devices in the device’s connection slots that are not intended for it.

8- Liquids falling on the device.


Wooden candlesticks and Hand Crafted Items:

Wooden candlesticks are subject to a three-year warranty, and the warranty is voided in the following cases:

1- Using the product for purposes other than for which it was manufactured. Candlesticks are used to improve interior decoration and place candles.

2- Not following the cleaning instructions for the product. Use a dry cloth to clean the piece. Do not use any chemicals, wood cleaners or any other cleaners.

3- Exposing the piece directly to the sun for long periods or in high humidity conditions. The piece is intended for use inside the home or place. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high humidity in the air.

4- Immerse the piece in water: Do not immerse the piece in water or wash it in a dishwasher. This exposes the piece to immediate damage.

5- Falling from high heights: Place the piece on a stable, non-slanted, and non-moving surface. It is preferable that it be high to avoid being tampered by children.

6- Exposing it to a source of high heat (such as heaters or ovens): This may expose the piece to damage and change its color.

7- Exposing it to fire: Be careful not to place the piece close to fire or source of fire, as it is flammable because it is made of natural wood.

8- Tampering with it and causing it to fall during carry. Be careful not to let the piece fall on body parts and children. The piece has a high weight and density of wood that may cause damage if it falls on the head or any part of the human body.

9- Do not place the piece in direct contact with hard ground (ceramic, marble, or similar).